Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

The Indian Cancer Society provides three cancer screening services: our permanent Cancer Detection Centre, and two mobile screening vans.

Cancer Detection Centre ICS Office,
42 Babar Road, New Delhi 110 001
Phone: +91-11-26499572 (Office) or +91-11-23716941
Open to the public Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
No appointment is needed.

Annual Cancer Screening
Having an annual screening is the best way to fight cancer. Our Cancer Detection Centre provides screenings by qualified medical staff. The screening includes:

  • Height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Chest X-ray
  • Hemogram (a blood test for overall health)
  • Ear, nose, and throat check-up
  • Check-up by a male surgeon for men
  • Check-up by a gynaecologist for women (also, a clinical breast exam and a test for cervical cancer is offered to all women over the age of 20)
Additional Tests
  • HPV/DNA test for women at high risk of cervical cancer. This test is offered at additional (subsidized) cost.
  • Women over age 40 may need a mammogram. This test is offered at additional (subsidized) cost.
  • PSA test (a blood test to screen for prostate cancer) for men over age 50.
    The Centre also advises people on cancer-related issues:
  • Quitting smoking, chewing tobacco, Pan Parag, etc.
  • Teaching women to do breast self-exams
  • Explaining and offering cancer insurance to those who come for a cancer check-up
  • Conducting Cancer Detection Camps in different parts of Delhi

We provide cancer screening at your doorstep! The Indian Cancer Society operates two Mobile Cancer Detection Units that provide cancer check-up facilities to people at a nominal cost that can be hosted at worksites, in factories, workshops, offices, housing complexes, and more.

  • This service is ideal for offices, factories, and other groups of people who cannot take time off to come to the Babar Road Centre.
  • We can screen 40 people in 3 hours.
  • This service is available on weekday afternoons and weekends.
  • We also have free Cancer Camps for people living in the basti’s (slums) of Delhi. Please check with us about the availability.
  • The mobile screening service is an essential part of our Community Projects.
AshaKiran Mammography Van
AshaKiran is a mobile medical van equipped with X-ray and mammography machines. It is an initiative of Engineers India Ltd.
  • ICS has installed a teleradiology reporting service on the mobile platform, so that reports are available within 24 Hours. This is the first mobile teleradiology facility in India.
  • ICS has converted medical records at the Cancer Detection Centre into electronic medical records (EMR). All data are saved in the Cloud.
  • This project, ICS Connect, integrates EMR, teleradiology, and the mobile facility, which allows epidemiological data to be available for research.

Our Mobile Cancer Facilities are available upon request. Bookings can be made through our office by calling the following numbers or visiting our office at 86/1 Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, 110001.

  • Mobile: +91-9910516562
  • Office: +91-11-26499572
  • Dates must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • The mobile screening camp has a nominal charge of Rs. 650 per head. Forty persons can be screened within a 3-hour session.
  • A payment is required in advance to confirm a booking.
  • We are seeking donors to sponsor camps in slums and poor neighbourhoods. You can sponsor a Mobile Screening Camp for Rs 26,000.