Our Projects

Our Projects

The Indian Cancer Society was founded in Mumbai in 1951 by the renowned oncologist Dr. D J Jussawala, with the stated objective of providing cancer awareness and education, as well as offering high quality, low cost cancer screening facilities. Dr. Jussawala saw that prevention through awareness and understanding was the only way to fight cancer, giving patients and practitioners the best chance of a cure.

Our Delhi Branch was set up in 1983, and is proud to be part of the worldwide effort to combat cancer through prevention efforts. It seeks to be a pro-active, consistent, reliable, trusted messenger on issues relating to cancer. Volunteers are the driving force of ICS Delhi, leading our projects on the ground.

We invite you to carry the message of cancer prevention, through awareness and regular annual screening, to your circle of friends and loved ones. We need your commitment, in time and money, for this valuable cause.

The Indian Cancer Society undertakes Earmarked Community Projects supported by generous donors.

  • We screen around 12,000 persons annually. For example, over 2000 women from disadvantaged areas were screened for cervical cancer in 2014.
  • Also in 2014, ICS was invited to participate in the India International Trade Fair as part of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, where 1600 persons were screened in 14 days of the IITF.
  • Another 3000 participated in screening in 2015-2016 in collaboration with Mahila Panchayats & Gender Resource Centres of the Delhi Administration.
  • Another 1500 Safai Karamchari’s of NDMC were screened with sponsorship from UTI.
  • The high incidence of oral cancer is being studied, and with counseling provided.
  • Awareness Talks and intensive training for chosen leaders among local women as Basti Sevika’s are organized, with the cooperation of doctors from IRCH/AIIMS.
  • A series of talks and Screening Camps were organized for the elderly with HelpAge. This was part of a project that included provision of financial assistance with treatment costs to the elderly.

Involving young people in cancer control efforts is key to the work we do. We offer several opportunities for youth to support our vision.

  • We work with the National Service Scheme (NSS) in several colleges, in year-long activities.
  • We also accept international interns through AIESEC, and Indian students undertaking short-term work from as far away as Indore and Bangalore.
  • For example, young people and interns may study how we work and deliver our cancer messages to schools or social groups.
  • Students are encouraged to examine lifestyle factors that can lead to cancer, which expands their understanding of prevention.

We are grateful to many corporations—such as ONGC, Indian Oil Corporation, EIL, Mercer, Celebi Aviation, and Indag Rubber, among others—that support our activities by providing funds and employee participation. A few corporations also provide funding for patient support.

  • CSR advocates participate under “Promotion of Health & Prevention of Disease” under Schedule 7- Section 135 of the CSR Act of the CSR Act, which enables them to support Cancer
Screening Projects. All donations help support research, awareness, screening, and enhancements to cancer care through the Indian Cancer Society’s initiatives. To make a donation, please visit our Donate Page.