The Conquest of Cancer by Choice; not Chance

Strong evidence suggests that a majority of cancers are related to lifestyle choices.

In India, where over half the cancers occur around the head and neck, it is important to recognize the connection between tobacco—including chewed tobacco, such as gutka, khaini, paan masala—and cancer.

Consequently, most cancers of the mouth, throat, and lung are avoidable.

New research is also showing the importance of a proper diet in preventing cancers, including breast, stomach, gall bladder, colon and rectal cancers. The increase in these types of cancers may be related to such lifestyle factors as richer diets and people becoming more sedentary.

Notably, breast cancer is overtaking cervical cancer as the number one cancer in women in urban areas.

Many cancers are curable if detected early. Knowing the lifestyle factors that can contribute to cancer and avoiding them can help prevent many cancers.