Delhi’s First Online Cancer Community

This circle brings together everyone in Delhi/NCR who wants to be aware about cancer, take precautions related to cancer, has survived cancer, currently suffering from cancer or supports the cause of cancer. It brings together patients, their families, local residents, oncologists, medical professionals, care givers, support organisations and any one else associated with the cause of cancer in Delhi/NCR. This circle is presented to the residents of Delhi/NCR by LocalCircles in partnership with Indian Cancer Society, an NGO dedicated to eliminating cancer. ICS has several initiatives like Cancer Sahyog – providing support to patients, Prashanti – healing center offering complimentary therapies and others related to Body Restoration post cancer. It operates with the vision – Conquest of Cancer by Choice; Not Chance. Lets come together for the Fight Against Cancer in Delhi/NCR! Join this community by clicking on the following link: link