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Cancer Support: Sahyog

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How Cancer Sahyog helps:

Cancer Sahyog is the emotional support group of the Indian cancer Society, Delhi Branch.

  • Our blue coat volunteers first began visiting the Breast Cancer Clinic at AIIMS in 1991. Since then, they have interacted with thousands of patients in the 10 hospitals that they visit. The Volunteers who are either survivors or care givers, offer emotional support to the patients and their families. They bring hope and give the much needed support during this difficult time.
  • Cancer Sahyog also gives financial support to the poor needy patients, and over the year has disbursed Rs. 2 Crore 64 Lakhs to pay for their treatment.
  • Fruit juices and biscuits are distributed on a regular basis to the OPD patients in IRCH and AIIMS.
  • In 2000, Cancer Sahyog started providing bras and prosthesis to breast cancer patients free of charge for the first time. They are available on payment in the Indian Cancer Society office as well as in Prashanti, the Complementary therapy branch of the Indian cancer Society.
  • Survivor’s Day is celebrated annually on the 2nd Saturday of February with songs, dance, music and laughter. A true celebration of life.
  • A biannual magazine, NARGIS is published and distributed free to the patients in hospitals. It gives information, updates of the activities of the Indian Cancer Society and brings cheer to encourage the reader.
  • Old clothes and blankets which are donated are distributed to the patients.

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