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We are part of the worldwide effort to combat cancer by striking it before it takes root.

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Help us Make Health a Habit.

The Delhi Branch of the Indian Cancer Society is proud to be part of the worldwide effort to combat cancer. It seeks to be a proactive, consistent, reliable, regular, and trusted messenger on issues relating to cancer. We hope that all of you will carry the message of cancer prevention through awareness and regular annual screening, to your circle of friends and loved ones. We need your commitment, in time and/or money, for this valuable cause.

Goal $20,000
$12,250 80%
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Our Goal is to Help Poor People
  • Mobile Cancer Screening at your Doorstep

  • Holi celebrations at Cancer Prashanti

  • Cancer Survivor’s day March

    Dr Jussawala Indian Cancer Society Delhi
    About Us

    The Conquest of Cancer by Choice, not Chance

    The Indian Cancer Society was founded in Mumbai in 1951 by the renowned oncologist Dr. DJ Jussawala, with the stated objective of providing cancer awareness and education, as well as offering high quality-low-cost cancer screening facilities. The Delhi Branch was set up in 1983 by a group of enlightened citizens, led by Mr. KK Mehta.

    Our Units

    These are the main Units of
    Indian Cancer Society, Delhi

    Cancer Jagriti
    Focuses on Cancer awareness and screening

    The creation of Cancer Jagriti is the core objective of Indian Cancer Society, Delhi. To educate the public about cancer, its causes, and effective preventive measures.

    Raised $09,000
    Goal $20,000
    Cancer Sahyog
    Emotional support group

    Founded by a cancer survivor in 1991, Cancer Sahyog extends emotional support to people living with cancer.

    Raised $10,250
    Goal $15,000
    Cancer Prashanti
    Cancer Healing Centre & Rehabilitation

    Prashanti was conceived as a Healing Centre, offering complimentary therapies to help former patients and survivors to return to a new normal.

    Raised $10,250
    Goal $15,000
    Our Mission & Goals

    To be the Beacon of Hope against cancer.

    The Indian Cancer Society, Delhi, is a community-based Voluntary driven, Health Organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by working towards certain goals and through its three main Units

    Preventing Cancer through Cancer Awareness

    Patient Support through Emotional & Financial support.

    Creation of Information Literature in Layman Language

    Education & Advocacy Services

    Media Awareness

    Interlinking with like-minded groups in India & abroad.

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    Jagriti: Cancer Awareness

    Creation of Cancer Awareness is core objective of Indian Cancer Society. To educate the public about cancer, its causes, and


    Sahyog: Cancer Support Group

    Cancer Sahyog is a support group for people living with cancer that has been working since 1991. Our volunteers attend


    Prashanti: Healing and Rehab Centre

    Indian Cancer Society firmly believes that Cancer neither begins nor ends in a Hospital. Prashanti was conceived as a Healing

    Upcoming Events

    World Cancer Day

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    Indian Cancer Society

    Survivors Day 2023

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    Indian Cancer Society

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