1. Class VI- VIII – Design a T-shirt . Medium size or on A4 size paper. (upload a clear photograph while doing registration).
    Class IX- X – Create a jingle – not more than 4-lines ( Handwritten or can be typed in Ms Word document and uploaded it).
    Class XI-XII – Create a Comic strip or Write an illustrated story (1000 words + 4 -5 illustrations).
  2. All the students must fill the registration form.
  3. “Sample of filled registered form” – if any student click on it the below listed sample filled form will display for their information.
  4. Applicant will registered themselves only once. Multiple entries is not allowed by applicant.
  5. All the fields are mandatory while filling the registration details.
  6. If any student have issue while registering or uploading kindly write to us at “

Name of Student - A Kumar
Father's Name - Mr B Kumar
Class - 6 C
Roll No - 32
School Name - ABC Public School
School Address - Sector 46 Gurugram
Parent's Contact Number - 9876543210
Parent's E mail -