Vice Chairman’s Message

vice chairman

Namaskar! Welcome to Indian Cancer Society’s website.

Many of you are familiar with the website by now. You know that we work in the area of cancer control. Our Statement of Intent is – the Conquest of Cancer by Choice; not Chance. We live by that dictat.

We aim to ensure that you get correct information about Cancer. Our info literature is available free of cost. We offer you screening facilities in Delhi & in other cities where our Branches operate – Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Nagpur, Patna & Lucknow. We offer at least some of you Emotional Support if cancer strikes & we offer practical support with Protein Supplements for child patients, Bras & Prosthesis for women who have undergone Breast Surgery. We offer a small amount of financial assistance in Delhi & NCR.

Now, it is up to YOU to make effective use of what we offer. We would like you to be equal partners with us. YOUR Health is YOUR responsibility. When you learn about Cancer, you learn about Risk Factors. You also learn about Signs & symptoms of the disease, and you can also de-bunk myths & fake news about the disease.

We seek a Health-seeking thought process from you. Read & Understand the Facts. Undertake regular annual Screening – you plan for regular servicing of your car, don’t you? So why not of your body?

Remember that Prevention & Early Detection is always better than Treatment &.Cure.

Here is a new initiative for you.

Make Health a Habit. Become our Voice Multiplier for Cancer Control. Join us in any capacity – you can become our voice multiplier, the face of the organization, a hand-holder to individuals in need. We need your technical and soft skills, even more than we need your money!

Corporates can ensure their employees undertake regular screening with us and support our various programs. Employee volunteering is appreciated and we have a well-structured volunteer program.

We cannot change the world on our own; but with your help, we can make a difference.