World no tobacco day

World No-Tobacco Day is celebrated worldwide on 31st May. The Indian Cancer Society, Delhi, joins the global community in getting people and the young generation thinking about the various ways that tobacco consumption impacts our lives and results in various kinds of life style diseases. Children are extremely vulnerable to the lure of tobacco. Tobacco companies spend huge amounts every year on publicity bringing in new users and converting the existing users into addicts thus preventing them from quitting. Through advertising and promotional campaigns, including the use of carefully crafted package designs, the tobacco industry continues to divert attention from the deadly effects. Indian Cancer Society, Delhi, works throughout the year, taking Cancer & Tobacco Control messages to schools across Delhi & the NCR.

Our message concentrates on Awareness & Prevention of Cancer through appropriate Diet, Physical Activity & avoiding Tobacco. The World No-Tobacco Day Skits & Slogan Competition helps us evaluate the clarity of our message. We use the format of a “5-min-5 props-5 actors” Skit and Slogan Competition to allow children to interpret the subject with originality. The format of the Competition allows children full reign of imagination & originality. We normally get 10-12 schools participating, & are floored by the sharp focus the kids bring to the topic at hand. The topic for 2014 is: No child is immune to Peer Pressure” & “Tobacco Companies kill their best customers”.