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Cancer Sahyog

Emotional support group

Today, Cancer Sahyog has a large number of volunteers who visit patients in 15 major cancer hospitals in Delhi and NCR. The patients and caretakers are on a regular basis being advised, counseled, and given emotional support to help them overcome the disease.

Emotional support for all patients

Financial Support for economically weaker

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Financial Support

2,200 patients since 1991 have received financial assistance.

Bra & Prosthesis

Given to 5,500 patients since 2012

Emotional Support

2,14,500 patients since 1991 have received emotional support

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Volunteers, who are cancer survivors or immediate caregivers, visit 15 city Hospitals ranging from Govt (AIIMS/IRCH/DSCI) to mid-level & Super Specialty Hospitals. They are not Counselors but are trained in basic Cancer Information, as well as Counseling Skills. Besides offering a listening ear and a shared experience, volunteers provide literature, helpful suggestions, and tips regarding the side effects of the treatment. They do NOT offer Medical Advice. This is left strictly to the Doctors, with whom Volunteers develop a relationship of mutual regard & trust. Most of all, volunteers in hospitals offer Hope of Life after Cancer.

Cancer Sahyog offers a measure of financial assistance to deserving cases. Financial assistance of over Rs 50 –75 lakhs per annum is disbursed to needy patients. All of this money is collected through Donations from public-spirited persons.

Cancer Sahyog’s annual Seminar addresses issues of importance to cancer survivors celebrated as Cancer Survivor’s Day in February every year.

Our Team

Give a Hand to Make the Better World

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