Sahyog: Cancer Support Group

Cancer Sahyog is a support group for people living with cancer that has been working since 1991. Our volunteers attend clinics at 15 leading hospitals in Delhi/NCR.


Cancer Sahyog was established in 1991 by a cancer survivor. Founding Members included a Caregiver and a Doctor.

Cancer Sahyog is a support group with all its members having a personal experience with   cancer. We truly believe that no one should be left to fight cancer alone and thus our volunteer team provides emotional support by being actively involved in the well being of   patients. They also facilitate communication between patients, families, and health professionals. Our volunteers attend clinics at 15 leading hospitals in Delhi NCR.

  • Cancer Sahyog was founded with the idea that no one should have to battle fear &   loneliness in their Cancer journey.  All of the volunteer members have personally experienced cancer.
  • Volunteers actively listen, share their experiences, and provide literature, helpful suggestions, and tips regarding the side effects of treatment. They also facilitate communication between patients, families, and health professionals.
  • Most important, volunteers, all of whom have had a close personal encounter with cancer, offer Hope.



Symbol of Hope


Sahyog volunteers are living symbols of Hope and their personal experience with cancer  enables them to be more receptive and sensitive towards the patients. ICS provides training such as awareness sessions and informative workshops to strengthen their skills. Furthermore, mentorship and shared experiences make the volunteers excellent counselors.


Volunteers share their personal experiences, listen to the patient’s concerns and give hope and strength to the patients to fight the disease resolutely. They navigate them through the maze of treatment and beyond, thus becoming ‘fellow travelers’ (Sahyogi’s) in the true sense.


Volunteers encourage patients to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional well being. 




The volunteers create an understanding of cancer and how to deal with the challenging   treatment and its side-effects.  Many new therapies have come into being over the 30 years of Cancer Sahyog existence, but the basic three remain Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.


Cancer Sahyog provides rehab services


It is important to recognize the needs of patients beyond medical intervention. Our volunteers ensure that patients with mastectomy are provided with the much needed advice on bras and prosthesis, as well as arm exercises to avoid lymphedema.

Comprehensive breast cancer care centers are set up at a few hospitals. Restoration of body image through supply of free bras and prosthesis has been a very successful project. Beginning with a mere 25 women who were provided with Medical Bras & Body Forms, the service now provides over 1000 women with these items.

In addition, in a collaboration with Nurses of the NHS, UK, used (cleaned & sanitized) Silicon prosthesis are offered for a song. The small cost covers expenses on Customs Duty. The NHS Nurses cover the cost of Air Freight & all other costs.

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