Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening.  ICS offers Cancer Screening at the Cancer Detection Centre, 42 Babar Road, New Delhi 110 001. The Centre is open on all working days from 0900 to 1200 hours. The Centre is served by 3 specialist doctors of ENT, Gynecology and Surgery, supported by a team of technicians. The package includes a blood analysis, chest Xray, and physical examination by these experienced doctors. You can avail a screening for cancer at minimal, heavily subsidized cost. No prior appointment required, and the entire process takes only 35 minutes of your time. In order to detect cancer early, and even at a pre-cancer stage, ICS urges that every healthy person over the age of 30 years should have an annual check-up. ICS has a Bone Densitometry facility operating out of ICS Prashanti. Mammography is available on our Mobile Medical Van AshaKiran. AshaKiran is stationed at Babar Road on Mondays & Thursdays, so one can avail a Walk-in service together with the Screening. Since November 2010 we offer HPV/DNA tests at the Cancer Detection Centre, Babar Road, with help from Oncquest & the Max Foundation. We have several “free service‘ months – In April, we offer free PSA tests for male customers availing of Screening. Women get free screening in October & November each year. In addition, Mammography is free through the year when Sponsors are available. 


All Screening is heavily subsidized. Please enquire at the Centre.

Mobile Cancer Screening. Cancer Screening at your doorstep! This service is ideal for offices, factories, and other clusters of people who cannot take time off to come to the Babar Road Centre. 100 persons are screened in a 4-hour period by our specialist staff. This service is available on weekends, and on weekday afternoons. Bookings can be made through our office, and a payment is required to be made in advance to confirm the booking. Philanthropic individuals and organizations often sponsor camps for people living in the slums of Delhi. Please check with us about the availability of free camps. The Mobile Service is an essential part of the Community Projects, which ICS undertakes in the basti’s (slums) around Delhi.

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